My First Week in the O.C.: Against the Odds

Continuation from Part 1: A Rocky Start I spent the afternoon Thursday, after returning from TN, unpacking and unboxing my essentials for the next few days. I'd gotten a call that morning from my movers, saying they'd be delivering my furniture on Sunday. This was sooner than I'd anticipated, but I liked the idea of... Continue Reading →

Searching for a New Life

I have been surprised and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support I have received from friends and colleagues since announcing my departure from our PhD program. Many students have gone out of their way to let me know that they support me and think this was a brave move. To be honest, I never... Continue Reading →

The Impenetrable Nature of a Thick Skin

Multiple times during my scientific and professional development, I've been told about the necessity of a "thick skin". The intent of which is to not let negative feedback or constructive criticism upset you. The expectation is that you will not let things effect you emotionally, but you will fix the problems outlined or follow the... Continue Reading →

Talking Science

Science communicators are diverse individuals with various skills and functions while talking about science. Each type contributes to the public's perception of and knowledge about science.

How to Become a Unicorn Scientist

Unicorn scientist: A scientist with the unique ability to communicate their work to diverse audiences. A unicorn scientist uses public speaking and written works to get scientists and non-scientists alike excited about cutting-edge research and/or the pursuit of scientific knowledge. This past week, my program help its annual Student Research Day, an opportunity for students... Continue Reading →

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