Recent academia evacuee. For 2 years, I was a PhD student studying Biomedical Sciences, with a concentration in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, at The University of Texas MD Anderson/UTHealth Graduate School in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. I’m now looking to start my career in biotech and am applying for positions in biotech analysis/consulting/industry, product management, and biomedical engineering.

My foray into research started in the spring semester of my freshman year as an undergrad at Case Western Research University. Throughout my time at CWRU, I worked in the Biomedical Engineering Department studying the use of polymeric micelles as delivery vehicles for drugs used to treat head, neck, and breast cancers. After finishing my bachelor’s, I moved to London and completed a master’s degree at University College London. There, I studied the potential of a proprietary polymer for use as a coating on drug eluting stents to treat occluded blood vessels.

Following my degrees, I spent some time away from the lab before taking a full-time position at a private hospital-affiliated research institute in Houston. There, I worked as a research assistant on various projects in the realms of nanoparticle drug delivery and tissue engineering before taking a position leading a bone tissue engineering project at UTHealth School of Dentistry. As a PhD student, I worked in a basic sciences research lab studying hematopoietic stem cell development.

All in all, I have almost 10 years of research experience and have worked on projects running the gamut of biomedical sciences. In that time, I worked with utterly brilliant researchers with highly varied personalities. I also witnessed the best and worst of research practice, learning from all of it.

All views are my own.

You can find more information about my professional and research experiences at the links below:

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