Research Associates and Scientists lead research projects at biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These projects are typically translational, meaning that the technologies are being prepared to be used in clinic. Individuals in these roles need to have many years’ experience running a variety of research projects and need to have the ability to both conduct their own experiments as well as train and direct technicians working in the lab. As the lead for research projects, these individuals are also responsible for collecting results, performing data analyses, and presenting conclusions to colleagues.

In my almost 10 years in biomedical research, I have worked on projects in different clinical fields, including cancer nanoparticle drug delivery, biomedical implants, tissue engineering, and stem cell therapy. Techniques needed for each of these projects range from biochemistry and molecular biology to polymer synthesis and 3D printing. I have even been trained in next-generation sequencing technologies. I recognize that new projects may require development of new skills, and the diversity of my research experience shows my ability to adapt to a new lab, new field, new techniques, and new responsibilities. In each of these projects, my publication and presentation record shows that I also excel at being able to communicate my work to colleagues.

I have previously led teams to undertake a singular project, delegating tasks, keeping in regular communication, and holding each team member accountable for their projects. In the design and completion of a research project within an academic laboratory, I developed strong problem solving, strategic planning, and team leadership skills. As my research projects have involved technology at various stages of development, including preclinical animal models and planning for FDA submission, I am familiar with proper planning for FDA approval of medical devices and therapeutics. Furthermore, I have vast experience in gaining any new knowledge necessary to complete a project, something that must be done for each new research project. Overall, I am confident that I have the skills needed to oversee project progress and management in any biotechnology field.