Product Developers design and optimize biomedical technologies, whether they be medical devices, therapeutics, cell therapies, or a combination thereof. Individuals in this position are commonly part of a multidisciplinary team, each of whom contributes to the product’s development before commercial release and any problems that may arise afterward. In addition, Product Developers must keep familiarity with the commercial space for the product, including the current and potential competitors for the technology.

As an academic researcher and engineer, I have experience in both basic and translational sciences and have worked with technologies at various stages of product development, from initial concept design, to benchtop studies, preclinical animal models, and preparation for submission to the FDA. Each step in this process involves meeting deadlines, milestones, reporting results, and seeking out new resources to make each step along the way. I have worked with teams of researchers, engineers, and clinicians, keeping in regular communication, and holding each other accountable for our responsibilities.

With each new research project, I develop an in-depth understanding of the technology involved, as well as a familiarity with other technologies and potential competitors in the same commercial or clinical landscape. I research and learn about the different companies and technologies being developed in the same field. With this information, I can analyze each technology for its benefits, risks, and shortcomings to address the clinical problem. I am also able to determine whether the presented data supports the drawn conclusions and broader impact. These experiences have trained me to adapt to the needs and demands of any clinical problem and the technologies being used to address them. Overall, I have the skills needed to oversee the development of any biotech products in any clinical space.