Project Managers oversee projects at biotech and pharmaceutical companies. This could involve specializing in technologies for a particular clinical application or rang of devices. Individuals in this position are commonly in charge of a team of people from different backgrounds, each with tasks contributing to the project or their own project. It is imperative that Project Managers are highly organized, able to meet milestones, keep to budgets, meet deadlines, and keep all team members and supervisors appraised of project updates.

In my years working in research, I have worked on projects in different clinical fields, including cancer nanoparticle drug delivery, biomedical implants, tissue engineering, and stem cell therapy. Progress in each project required meeting deadlines, milestones, reporting results, and seeking out new resources to make each step along the way. I have worked with regulatory specialists, clinicians, researchers from diverse scientific fields, and institution executives to make sure everything gets completed on time. In addition, I have led teams including people from each of these backgrounds, delegating tasks, keeping in regular communication, and holding each team member accountable for their projects.

In the design and completion of a research project within an academic laboratory, I developed strong problem solving, strategic planning, and team leadership skills. Research projects are, after all, projects which require planning, budgeting, design, approval, funding, and careful management in order to not waste time, energy, or resources in the pursuit of their goals. As my research projects have involved technology at various stages of development, including preclinical animal models and planning for FDA submission, I am familiar with proper planning for FDA approval of medical devices and therapeutics. Furthermore, I have vast experience in gaining any new knowledge necessary to complete a project, something that must be done for each new research project. Overall, I am confident that I have the skills needed to oversee project progress and management in any biotechnology field.